Cracker Barrel Server Leaves Heartfelt Note To Customer (Photos)


A Georgia Cracker Barrel server's note to a woman with an autistic son is going viral.

Jamie Mathews Heustess visited her local Cracker Barrel on April 21 with her husband, Chris, and their son, Ian, the Daily Mail reported.  

The family had just finished running errands and picking Ian up from karate practice, Jamie explained in a Facebook post. She said their server, Kailyn, visited their table about "five or six" times before they ultimately decided to take a to-go order.

"His breaking point was the Nemo/Dory toy-that was neither of those characters," Jamie recalled. "By this time I was crying and having a moment, not because I was embarrassed that my son is autistic, but because he is a good kid and I didn't want anyone to think he was just a spoiled kid being a brat.

"Our server was gracious and sweet. She said it was not a problem, that she would get my order in quickly."

The mother's order was reportedly ready in just 15 minutes. When she went to pay, Kailyn told Jamie that her order had already been taken care of.

"She smiled and told me that my dinner had been taken care of, no need for payment," Jamie wrote. "I started crying all over again. I asked if she was sure and she reassured me it was taken care of, not to worry. I cried walking out, sure the other customers and employees thought I was crazy."

But Kailyn didn't stop there.

"There was a piece of paper stapled to my bag, I thought it wad the it was something far more precious," Jamie added.

Instead of stapling a receipt to the mother's bag, Kailyn stapled a handwritten note.

"Your child is amazing Mommy. Be strong. Keep your head up," the note read. "You are doing a great job. Have a great night. Your server, Kailyn."

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"In the midst of my own meltdown she reached out with words of encouragement and a kind heart," Jamie wrote of the note. "I am very thankful."

The mother said she keeps the note hanging on her refrigerator at home. She uses it as a reminder of the "kindness of strangers" and rereads it whenever times get rough.

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Jamie later learned that the store's manager learned of the situation, and took care of the bill himself.

"Little did I know this was TRULY a collaboration and work of love between two dedicated employees," Jamie continued. "Their caring and thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed."

The Facebook post is now going viral. Several social media users applauded the Cracker Barrel staff for their actions.

"Kudos to Cracker Barrel's main Corporate office for this type of employee / server," wrote one user. "I have eaten in a lot of Cracker Barrel restaurants along the way. Pooler's Hospitality is one of the best."

The post also reached Kailyn, who thanked social media users for sharing the story.

"Thank you everyone so much didn't expect for this to become this big," Kailyn wrote. "I was just trying to give a few words of encouragement from a mommy to a mommy. God bless each and everyone of you. And again thank you all so much y'all are the best."

Sources: Daily Mail, Jamie Mathews Heustess/Facebook / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr, Facebook via Daily Mail

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