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Woman Hands Baby To Stranger On Subway (Video)

A woman on the subway in New York handed her baby off to a stranger so she could "fight some b----!" (video below).  

The Daily Mail reports that 19-year-old Javier Clemente was riding the subway in the Bronx with his female friend, when the two were handed a baby by an unidentified woman.  The woman allegedly told Clemente to hold her baby because she was going to "fight some b---!"  

Clemente whipped out his cell phone and videotaped the incident.  In the video, he says, "Yo, this is her baby!" with a smile.  The clip also shows the mother standing in the aisle of the train car and talking on her phone. In the background, someone says, "I'm gonna hit her."  No altercation was filmed, however, and it is unclear if one took place.  

The New York Post reports that Twitter erupted with reaction to the story.  One tweet read, “And this is what’s wrong with America because . . . mothers like this."  

Another added, “Pic just made my day.” 

While another commenter asked if the gal won the fight.

It remains to be seen if police will track the woman down and press criminal charges. 

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit:

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