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Puppy Freezes To The Ground And Is Miraculously Saved By Couple

A Tennessee couple reportedly saved a small puppy’s life after discovering it frozen to the ground under a shed in their backyard.

According to reports, April Dickerson says her husband was leaving for work on Tuesday when he suddenly heard whimpering coming from the backyard. The husband went to investigate and was shocked to discover a small puppy frozen and stuck to the ground underneath a shed.

Quickly, Dickerson’s husband melted the ice underneath the puppy and was able to free her from being stuck. Now, the Dickersons have saved her life, and despite missing a small chunk of fur on her backside, she is reportedly in good condition.

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“Well usually we find rabbits or moles. We’ve never found a puppy under there,” Dickerson said, adding that people often drop animals off in their neighborhood. “I would hope that someone would have to be in extremely dire straits before they decided to just drop the puppy off.”

The puppy was reportedly starving when they found it and immediately went for a food bowl upon entering their home. Initially, the couple was talking about giving the puppy to a good home, but now, Dickerson says their kids are becoming attached, so they may keep her. She does say, however, that if the puppy was actually lost and not abandoned, then they will give her back to the rightful owner.

Dickerson also noted that while they haven’t settled on a name just yet, they are considering going with “Elsa” as a tribute to the movie “Frozen” as well as the dog’s personal experience.

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Sources: KWQC, WKRN / Photo Source: KWQC


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