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Wedding Couple Makes Ridiculous Typo On RSVPs (Photo)

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A couple sent out invitations to their wedding guests, asking them to RSVP at their earliest convenience to and choose a dinner option.

The dinner options were not exactly standard: beef, pork and child.

The error quickly went viral on Reddit when an invited guest posted a picture of their invitation. Responses were as expected.

"One filet of baby coming right up," wrote a Reddit user.

"I'll have the 10-year-old, please, medium rare," read the image caption.

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The couple who produced the amusing typo on the RSVPs could not immediately be found.

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. in 2015 was $26,645, according to The Wedding Report. Wedding dresses, on average, cost more than $1,200. Tuxedo rentals were around $200 at last count. In 2016, the average cost of a wedding was up to $26,720.

In 2014, couples traveled an average of 53 miles to get married, but most opted to stay relatively close to home. Only 10 percent of couples traveled 200 miles or more to get to their wedding destination.

HuffPost reports that the global wedding industry is worth more than $300 billion, with $55 billion spent in the U.S. alone.

Research from IBISWorld also found that couples spend more on the reception, rather than the ceremony itself.

Receptions comprised 54.5 percent of wedding services spending in 2016, while catering and other food services were around 21.9 percent of the average wedding budget. Venue fees represent 32.6 percent of wedding costs, the report said.

Wedding planner Tracie Domino told CNN that some couples try to save money by making favors for the wedding, but cautioned against this practice.

"While some DIY projects are worth it, many are huge time and money wasters that might not even be noticed by your guests," says Domino. "Unless you are already crafty and have a bunch of time on your hands, try to avoid taking on big DIY projects."

Domino also noted that cheap favors that appeared to lack forethought are often left behind by guests.

Fashion blogger Tanya Thamkruphat said she wishes she had been more frugal when it came to buying the perfect wedding dress.

"I would have opted for a simpler, flexible and probably a mass merchandise store dress. I would have been much happier if I could have done all my crazy dance moves I wanted to do that night if I had a more comfortable -- and still chic -- dress!"

Sources: Reddit, The Wedding Report, HuffPost, IBISWorld, CNN / Photo credit: Aleksandar Cocek/Flickr, Reddit

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