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Watch: Family Reacts After Couple Has Twins But Didn't Tell Anyone (Video)

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A couple brilliantly surprised their friends and family with news that they were having twins, but they waited until the babies were born to do it. The reactions from their loved ones were nothing short of priceless.

A video that went viral this week documented the revealing of the couple’s amazing secret.

“Our friends and family had no idea that we actually had a much bigger surprise in store for everyone,” the parents wrote at the start of the video. “They think they are finding out if the baby is a boy or girl.”

Throughout the video, the parents filmed their loved ones meeting their babies for the first time. In some parts of the video, family members opened the hospital room door to discover the twins’ mother sitting in her bed holding two babies. Other parts of the video showed the parents on Skype calls with friends and family, showing one of the little girls and then introducing the second – much to the loved one’s surprise. 

In a more creative and clever reveal, a family is seen taking a picture with the baby they thought was the couple’s newborn. Right before the picture was taken, the father interrupts and reveals that their little girl has a twin sister.

“You know, we almost forgot her twin sister,” the proud dad said.

The amazing reactions from family and friends caused the video to go viral in just a few days, garnering more than four million views.  

“This is amazing!! I really don't even know what my reaction would be if a close friend or family member did this to me,” one viewer said on YouTube. “That's what you call dedication, I could never keep a secret that big!”

Watch the emotional video below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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