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Couple Discovers Something Shocking In Hotel Bed

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A Reddit user shared a photo of something they found under the covers at a hotel that shocked and disturbed them.

"Heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night," the Redditor wrote alongside a photo of a note that was left on their bed at a Courtyard Marriott hotel. The note read, "If you're reading this, then house-keeping did not change your sheets!"

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The note went viral soon after it was shared, with fellow Redditors sharing their own hotel horror stories.

"Earlier this month, we had to change our entire hotel block for our wedding the day before. We were lied to that renovations were done, and when we arrived, quite literally everything was destroyed or covered in plastic wrap. The lobby was an unusable warzone, and the hallways were covered in dust and filled with construction materials," one wrote.

"We spent the day before our wedding switching hotels and calling our 200+ guests instead of making our planned preparations (we had traveled between states for the wedding). At the end of it all, we received nothing. Not even a "sorry." Both hotels treated us as if they were doing us a favor for being so flexible on late notice. Thanks Hilton!"

In 2014, Today reported on several hotels whose cleaning methods were scrutinized after security footage caught maids slacking when it came to properly cleaning rooms before guests arrived.

At one Holiday Inn, a maid was allegedly caught changing sheets but neglecting to change pillowcases.

"Housekeepers should change the pillowcases, obviously. That's where you put your face. That's what you sleep on," former hotel housekeeping supervisor Jacob Tomsky said. "What really bothered me was that she put the pillowcase on a dirty chair prior to putting it back on the bed. That just gets it even more dirty."

Tomsky added, however, that "any human being is going to miss something here or there," and encouraged spot checks by management.

"Management should stay vigilant and check and make sure that they have everything they need to do the job."

Sources: Reddit, Today / Photo credit: RedditToday

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