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Couple Is Tipped By Server For Their 'Rude' Act

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A West Virginia couple were worried that people might think it rude of them to be on their smartphones during a meal.

While eating at a restaurant in Rocky Mount, Chris and Dreama Richards tried to organize donations in the wake of a flood that hit their state, which meant considerable time on their phones.

Chris and Dreama were concerned about how the other customers and staff would view them and apologized on social media.

According to the Independent Journal Review, Dreama wrote this on her Facebook page:

There are still good people in this world! Chris and I were just having dinner in rocky mount. Our waitress was asking where we were from. We were talking about the devastion in wv, and she said her husband's grandmother is in richwood, 87 years old and has not been able to be rescued yet. Our prayers are certainly with this little lady. We were on our cell phones a good bit while in the restaurant, so I told her that we were not being rude, just trying to coordinate efforts with donations. When she brought our check, this is what we found instead...sweet lady, God knows who you are, and will surely bless you! So, guess who is off to get some more stuff for the flood victims?? Made my day.

The waitress who served the Richards left them with a heartwarming note instead of a bill. The letter reads:

“Please take the money you would have spent on dinner tonight and use it to buy supplies. I know it isn’t much but I know every little bit helps. God bless you and stay safe.”

Chris and Dreama later assisted Shawnee Baptist Church in Kegley to collect bottled water, cleaning supplies and clothes.

“The donations have been amazing and they are still coming in. We are taking a trailer load and several pickups tomorrow to Talcott, WV,” the Richards told the IJ Review.

Sources: Facebook, Independent Journal Review / Photo credit: Chris Dreama Richards/Facebook

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