Couple Brags: Not Evacuating For Hurricane Matthew (Video)


A Wisconsin couple bragged on Oct. 6 about not evacuating their coastal home in Juno Beach, Florida, as Hurricane Matthew approaches the Sunshine State (video below).

Milton and Annette Voss cheerfully explained that they were staying during the category 4 hurricane to a reporter on The Weather Channel.

"It’s just another adventure," Milton said. "It’s like a blizzard in Wisconsin. Hunker down for three days!"

The couple was asked what steps they had taken to prepare for the hurricane, and Annette chirped: "Everything, water, a little sandbagging. All our windows face the west, so we’re excited about it in a way. We wish we could see out once we get back home. We’re all shuttered in, but 'til then we'll be out here for awhile."

Milton said their friends back in Wisconsin were asking for pictures, and Annette added, "They think we're crazy!"

These two aren't the only ones ignoring a mandatory evacuation order in Juno Beach.

Town Manager Joe Lo Bello told the Palm Beach Post that close to half of the 3,400 permanent residents are planning to stay.

"I hope they are not making a mistake," Lo Bello added.

Of course, even if they are making a mistake, it will be Florida taxpayers who will be picking up the rescue bill, a clock that has already started running.

Local officials and police are going to condos and mobile homes to tell people about the evacuation order, but officials can't force people to leave.

According to The Associated Press, rain and winds up to 130 mph hit Florida on Oct. 6, and over 80,000 homes and businesses lost their power. 

The hurricane is expected to hit the shore (or come close) north of Palm Beach County (where the Wisconsin couple lives) in the early morning hours of Oct. 7.

Nearly 1.5 million Floridians have been told to evacuate.

President Barack Obama has already declared a state of emergency for Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, which allows the flow of federal money to the states and government personnel to take action.

Sources: The Weather Channel via YouTube, Palm Beach Post, AP via Yahoo! News / Photo credit: The Weather Channel via YouTube

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