Country Singer Dedicates Song To 'The Folks Who Stole My Van' (Video)

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After his van and trailer were stolen by thieves, country singer Zane Williams wrote a song in response (video below).

“To the folks who stole my van and trailer … I’m flattered you like my CDs so much you just had to take them all,” Williams sings. “You can make it easy, you can bring it back to our next show.”

Williams adds that there was a 100-year-old fiddle in the trailer, which is impossible to replace since it’s one of a kind. He warns the thieves about his guitar and amp, noting that they would drive the neighbors crazy with the noise.

Williams also advises the thieves that they left a couple things behind: talent, dedication and the joy of people who love music.

“Those are the things that you can never have, ‘cause those are things that you can’t steal,” Williams said.

In a Facebook post, Williams wrote that the theft occurred on May 16 off I-45 in Houston, Texas. The missing items included a 2012 Ford E350 van, a Matchless amp and a Telecaster.

The video, which Williams uploaded to Facebook, has been viewed over 220,000 times. 

Sources: Taste of Country, The Daily Country

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