Watch: Texas Councilman Takes Bathroom Break, Forgets To Turn Off Microphone (Video)


A council meeting in Texas turned awkward when a councilman excused himself for a bathroom break, but forgot to turn off his microphone. Watch the awkward moment unfold below.

Video of the incident (below), which garnered close to 2 million views since it was originally posted on May 1, shows the unidentified councilman in Georgetown, Texas, getting up from his chair in the middle of a meeting and going to the restroom. The meeting continues uninterrupted until roughly 40 seconds into the video, when the councilman can be heard over the sound system using the toilet.

Georgetown Mayor Pro Tem Rachael Jonrowe then notices the bathroom trip unfolding before everyone in the room, and struggles to keep herself from laughing.

As the meeting continues, the councilman is heard seemingly urinating and Jonrowe giggles while making a commendable effort to speak seriously about infectious diseases. When the councilman flushes the toilet, Jonrowe completely loses it and begins laughing uncontrollably.

“I’m going to stop talking now and ask that you give this serious consideration and approve this resolution,” Jonrowe says after the councilman returns to the meeting and she once again fights to control her laughter.

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Sources: Mashable, Mediaite

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via YouTube


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