Costume Contact Lenses Cause Teen To Rip Out Her Cornea


A South Wales college student reportedly ripped out one of her corneas after cheap contact lenses from a Halloween costume became stuck to her eyeballs.

Tia Goode, 18, bought the cat-eye lenses as part of a leopard costume. 

When it came time to remove them, the psychology student said she quickly became panicked when she was unable to take them out, Mirror reports.

“I attempted to get the right one out first, which was the bad one,” she told student newspaper The Tab, according to Mirror.

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“I had to wake someone up, and it took about 40 minutes to get out. My eyes were watering like mad, and the right one was still killing. I tried to go to sleep but couldn't because the pain was so bad, so I gave up and went up the hospital.”

"The doctor had to put anesthetic in my eye so I could open it," Goode added. “He had a good look and prodded my eye with a cotton bud because he thought some of the lens was still stuck in there.

“But it was actually because my cornea had ripped so bad. The lens was so dry that it had stuck to my eyeball and ripped the cornea completely out with it."

Goode was given antibiotics and an eye patch for the injury. Luckily, she was told she wouldn’t suffer any long-term damage. 

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Sources: Mirror, Metro / Photo credit: Mirror  


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