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Watch: Man Publicly Shamed For Up-Skirt Filming (Video)

Gerardo Cruz Barquero was walking the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica, when he noticed an unidentified man filming up a young woman’s skirt. Baquero confronted him and caught the encounter on camera. (Video below)

“Sir, are you having fun filming that young girl?” Barquero asks the man in the video, according to Excelsior Magazine, a Spanish-language publication.

Barquero then tells the woman about the video the man was discretely filming and he advised her to call the police.

The man then flees into a taxi, and he hides his face while Barquero shouts: “Why are you going? You’re going to be all over Facebook. What are you hiding from you dirty, old man?”

Barquero continues: “The whole of Costa Rica is going to find out how sick you are, recording people without their permission.

“The only thing that’s saved you is the fact the police aren’t around," he adds. "Show your face, show your face, you degenerate.”

However, Barquero’s vigilantism could cost him. Juan Diego Castro, who identified himself as a lawyer in the comments section of a story written about the run-in, wrote that Barqeuro could have violated the law by posting the video online, but that the man filming the young lady didn’t.

Costa Rico reportedly has a law against posting a picture or video of another person online without their consent.

“I really don’t understand this country and how a good person can become a villain in a matter of seconds,” Barquero wrote on his Facebook page.

Sources: Express, Gerardo Cruz Barquero/Facebook, Excelsior Magazine / Photo Credit: Excelsior Magazine


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