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Cops Tackle Cyclist Near Obama's Motorcade (Video)

Daniel Provencio was riding a bicycle to a blind date when he was suddenly tackled by police in New York City for almost crossing President Barack Obama's motorcade route on June 8 (video below).

Provencio was listening to the song, "Call Me Maybe," on his headphones when he peddled into the secure area, TMZ reports.

In the video, a New York Police Department officer tells the 59-year-old to stop before throwing him on the concrete. A cop twists Provencio’s arm behind his back, presses a knee in his back and handcuffs him.

Provencio told the gossip site he was trying to hook up with a man he met on a dating website. However, Provencio never got to meet his mystery man because authorities interrogated him for hours.

Provencio said he was finally able to call his potential suitor, but the magic was gone because "Manhattan men are huge on punctuality."

Provencio was given a summons for disorderly conduct, according to police, the New York Daily News notes.

Instagram user mattpeco originally posted the video, which drew criticism of the police from other users:

Why does the cop with the helmet need to come in like that?

The poor guy obviously was confused. No need to come in and shove him to the ground like that. I'm sure if they spoke to him he would have cooperated anyway.

Part of Obama's trip to New York City was a taped appearance on "The Tonight Show," which aired on June 9.

Jimmy Fallon asked Obama if the Republican Party was excited that Donald Trump appears to be presumptive nominee, and the president jokingly replied, "We are ... but I don’t know how they’re feeling," notes the New York Post.

"It’s not something Democrats should wish for," Obama added. "And my hope is, is that maybe once you get through this cycle, there’s some corrective action and they get back to being a center-right party."

Sources: TMZ, New York Daily News, New York Post / Photo Credit: mattpeco/Instagramvia YouTube

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