Cops: Drunk Man Praised Allah, Hysteria Followed (Video)


A man, who was reportedly drunk and wearing a backpack, praised Allah in the middle of a restaurant in Caldwell, Idaho, sending customers into a panic on July 1 (video below).

Jessie and Aaron Horsewood, the owners of Horsewood’s restaurant, told KTVB that the customer, identified as Ralmanzow Bell, stood on top of the bar, demanded quiet and shouted, "Allah is the only one true god."

Customers quickly ran for the exits, apparently fearing that Bell might have an explosive or a gun in his backpack.

"It was surreal," Jessie recalled. "There were purses left hanging on chairs, there were cell phones left on tables."

The Horsewoods and some of their employees pulled Bell from the bar and took him outside; the police were called.

"All this is going on real fast, so I'm just trying to get him away," bartender Christopher Ozuna said.

Ozuna removed Bell's backpack, while other employees tackled and held Bell until the cops arrived.

"We had to react in the way that we did," Aaron insisted.

Lt. Joey Houdley told the news station that police arrived less than two minutes after the 911 call.

"That's what panicked people," Hoadley added. "Not necessarily what he was saying, I think that maybe contributed to it, but that, along with wearing a backpack, and then people saying he had a gun. It startled people."

"Instincts kicked in that this may be a terrorism attack," Aaron added. "Whether it was legitimate or not, that's how you had to view it at that moment."

When the cops went through Bell's backpack, all they found was alcohol, no weapons, reports KIVI. Bell was taken to a local hospital and later charged with disorderly conduct.

According to police, Bell did not make any specific threats and the act of publicly praising Allah is legal, but the cops are forwarding records of his legal behavior to the FBI.

Sources: KTVB, KIVI / Photo credit: Horsewood’s restaurant via YouTube

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