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Cops Chase Chihuahua Across SF Bay Bridge (Video)

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers chased a black Chihuahua on the westbound side of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco in the early morning hours of April 3 (video below).

Officer Vu Williams filmed the dog from inside a patrol car, while his partner pursued the tiny canine on a motorcycle. Williams' video was later posted on the CHP Twitter page with the caption: "High speed pursuit of (dog emoticon) this morning on the #BayBridge! Suspect taken into custody. All are safe! #onlyinSF."

Williams held back traffic with his patrol car while the other officer tried to pick up the small dog, who wasn't going without a fight. The tiny pooch evaded four capture attempts, notes the Los Angeles Times.

Williams then reportedly drove ahead of the dog, then jumped out and blocked the dog with his jacket against the bridge wall. The other officer then collared the pooch.

"We’ve had dogs on the bridge, all sorts of animals: seals, turtles, you name it," Williams told the newspaper. "We never had one that took off and took so long to get."

The dog had a collar on, but there was no information identifying him. So, the stray was transported by police to San Francisco County Animal Care.

Hopefully, the dog will have an implanted identification microchip, but if he can't be identified and no one claims him, then the Chihuahua will be put up for adoption, according to Williams.

Employees at San Francisco County Animal Care have named the dog "Ponch," after the CHP officer played by Erik Estrada in the 1970s TV series "CHiPs."

"He's really terrified," Deb Campbell, a spokeswoman for San Francisco County Animal Care, told the San Jose Mercury News. "Chihuahuas are kind of nervous dogs anyway. Being on the Bay Bridge and being part of a police chase isn't good for any dog."

Campbell said that the dog was physically OK.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, Twitter /  Photo credit: California Highway Patrolvia YouTube

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