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Cop Yells At Tow Truck Driver Towing Her Truck (Video)

Orange County, Florida, Deputy Tracy Weiss was recently caught on a cellphone video (below) flashing her badge and screaming at a tow truck driver who was trying to tow her pickup truck.

According to WFTV, Weiss was reassigned to desk duty on April 26 because of the incident, which happened because her truck was blocking a sidewalk.

Weiss, who was off-duty, yelled at the tow truck driver, "I'm a cop! Drop my truck! Drop my truck!"

While Weiss flashed her badge and yelled, the tow truck driver told her to put away the gun that was in her pocket. The driver also said that he was going to call the cops.

"Call 911!" Weiss shouted. "I already called them! Call them! Get my truck! You're illegally stealing my truck!"

Weiss flashed her badge again, cursed and told the driver that he was going to jail for stealing her vehicle.

The driver told Weiss that she was going to jail for pulling her gun on him.

The driver told the news station that Weiss pulled out her gun before he started filming her, which could result in criminal charges against Weiss, if it's true.

Universal Towing provided the cellphone video to WFTV, and the company's manager John Cowie produced a signed authorization for the towing.

"Nobody likes to get towed," Cowie said. "We understand that. It happens. But if you're getting towed, just pay the drop fee and move on."

According to the driver, deputies did come to the scene, and after a few hours, Weiss paid a $125 fee to get her vehicle dropped by the tow truck, notes WESH.

According to WFTV, Weiss was suspended for 21 hours in 2008 for violating the Orange County Sheriff's Office's use of authority policy.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has not identified the specific policies that Weiss allegedly violated this time, but is still investigating the incident.

According to Universal Towing, if Weiss had calmly told the driver that she was a deputy, she would have been given a freebie, which could raise questions about law enforcement receiving special treatment.

Sources: WFTV, WESH / Photo credit: KingBang Channel/YouTube

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