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Shoeless Homeless Man Gets Help From Officer (Video)

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A video of a police officer in Bend, Oregon, doing something generous and kindhearted for a homeless man has gone viral (video below).

A homeless man who had been robbed of his personal possessions walked 6 miles in his socks to a local police station for help. He said his bags, wallet, identification and shoes were stolen, according to Inside Edition.

Officer Brent Gaither of the North Bend Oregon Police Department saw the transient man wasn’t wearing shoes and decided to do something about it.

“He came right into the department barefoot,” Gaither told Inside Edition. “He was going to walk 50 miles up the coast to visit family when his belongings were stolen.”

The officer sat with the homeless man while he waited for other officers to write a report of the theft.

Then Gaither went next door to a hospice thrift store to buy the man a blanket and a pair of hiking shoes. Fortunately, the thrift store had shoes in the man's size.

The homeless man, who has some form of mental illness, lives on the road by choice and was grateful for the officer’s kindness.

Gaither also got a bedroll for the transient man to sleep in and bought a new pair of socks for him.

Video of the act was posted to Facebook by Department Chief Robert Kappelman, according to the Express.

“What do I love about this story most?” wrote Kappelman. “Officer Gaither didn’t tell me he was going to do that, he didn’t tell me after he did it and Dispatcher Heather Young took it upon herself to notify me what was happening. Humble and compassionate community policing ... That’ll make a chief proud.”

The police department's official mission is to “Go the Distance” for the community and it has doing so for 20 years.

“All the officers here do these random actions of kindness; it motivates us,” said Gaither. “In that little moment, it made me feel great to help the man. That’s what keeps us going,” said Kappelman.

Sources: Inside Edition, Express / Photo credit: Robert/Flickr, Screenshot via YouTube

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