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Cop Pushes Burning Truck Away From Drive-Thru (Video)

A police officer pushed a flaming pickup truck away from a Jack In The Box drive-thru on Feb. 11 in Glenn Heights, Texas (video below).

Officer Chris Womack used his police cruiser to push the blazing vehicle away, all of which was filmed on the squad car's dashcam, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Womack slowly pushed the vehicle into a nearby parking lot. No one was injured in the fire, and it's unclear what started it.

The Glenn Heights Police Department posted this message on Facebook on Feb. 14: "I would like to commend Officer Chris Womack. Due to his courage and quick thinking he was able to prevent a burning vehicle from causing major damage to the Jack in the Box and protecting the employees."

Facebook users posted their thanks in the comments section:

He deserves a commendation!!!! Great

That is a outstanding job! As a human, and a protector, we don't know what as a uniformed officer are getting into when we get calls like that. I do security in the rough parts of Dallas and anytime a life saving call comes out, it can be a teaser for good things to happen just like what happened in this video. As a American, we cherish these moment because this stranger that happens to be a protector gets sent to a call and thinks about everyone else but himself and that is what I love about America because we have more good then bad.

He should get free food at Jack in the Box for a year.

We honor and applaud the heroic efforts of this young police officer! Bravo!

Super brave and smart. Thanks for your service to the community.

Great Job ! You probably saved Jack in the Box a bunch of money. You deserve some kind of reward ! My daughter is a police officer and they do stuff like this often. Hard to believe so many in our country hate police.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Glenn Heights Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Glenn Heights Police Department/Facebook

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