Cop Prays With Man He Pulled Over (Video)


A Georgia police officer prayed with a man he pulled over July 22 (video below).

Deputy Brandon Wiggins recalls initially feeling frightened during the traffic stop, WSB reports.

After pulling a truck over, he noticed two other cars pull over in front of it.

"I immediately start running situations through my head and praying for the best," Wiggins said. "My hand [was] close to my gun and my heart pounding, all while still watching the driver of the truck.”

Instead of facing aggression, however, the officer received appreciation instead.

It turned out one of the car owners was the father of the driver he had just pulled over.

Soon they entered into a conversation, with the father expressing his gratitude or all that police officers do. He then revealed he had just left the hospital after having a stroke.

Wiggins says that’s when the father suddenly asked if they could all pray together.

He was moved when, despite everything the man was struggling with, the father prayed for his safety as well as the safety of other police officers.

"My heart sank, and as he prayed for me and my brothers in blue, my eyes filled with tears, I was at a loss for words. This man with all he had going on stopped to pray for me," Wiggins said.

“You stay safe and I appreciate you, man,” the father said to the police officer before leaving.

“As I walked away I was in total shock. Thank you sir for taking time out of your day to pray for us. God bless you and your family,” Wiggins later wrote on Facebook, accompanying a video of the traffic stop.

So far, the video has received more than 45,000 views and countless comments like this one:

Man that's awesome. This should go viral. I don't know why these people are doing these crazy police shootings. There are people of every occupation who abuse their power in whatever position they are responsible for, but that doesn't mean I should burn down every McDonalds because the woman forgot my freakin fries today! Lol I'll keep you guys in my prayers as well.

Sources: WSB, Brandon Wiggins/Facebook / Photo credit: Andre Gustavo Stumpf/Flickr

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