Cop Mistakes Man’s Penis For Weapon During Search (Videos)


A video (below) of a police officer frisking a shirtless man for weapons went viral after it was shared on the social media site Imgur.

The video shows two police officers restraining the man inside an apartment building lobby. One of the officers searches the man's groin area and appears to grab his penis.

The cop checks it several times to make sure it is not a weapon. The officer appears to realize his mistake, and backs away awkwardly. discovered the original full-length video (below), which was uploaded to YouTube in December 2014.

The longer version shows the man running around inside the lobby acting oddly, but fully clothed.

The man yells at some young women who are behind a glass door filming him, gives them the finger, shouts at a man in the lobby and then starts removing his clothes.

At one point, the man drops his pants and bares his behind at the girls, who are on the phone with police.

The cops eventually arrive, calmly take the man into custody and perform the perilous pat down.

Warning: Graphic content.

Sources: Daily Mail,, YouTube / Photo Credit: Imgur

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