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Police Officer Gets Offensive Message On Receipt (Photo)

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A police officer in Austin, Texas received an abusive note on his receipt after visiting a restaurant on Feb. 25.

An employee of Southside Flying Pizza has been terminated after writing "pig a** m***** f*****" on the bottom of Officer Nito Delgado-Eberhart's receipt, as well as taking a photograph of Officer Delgado-Eberhart's police vehicle with the employee's middle finger in the frame, according to Fox News.

Delgado-Eberhart posted a statement to Facebook regarding the incident.

"Was hoping to get a quick slice for the road. Instead, got a bad vibe from the cashier. What sealed the deal for me was seeing her taking a picture of the patrol car while flipping it off. Good times," he wrote. He also posted a picture of the receipt that contained the offensive message.

The manager of Southside Flying Pizza, David Hatley, said he condemned the actions of the employee and assured KTBC they did not reflect the opinions of the restaurant.

“That's where we hang our hat is customer service and quality of food, but even more so with the police officers that work in our community,” Hatley said.

Ken Casaday, president of the Austin Police Association, said Southside management has done everything in its power to resolve the issue.

“This is one bad incident that I think they definitely deserve to be forgiven for. Of all people that should know this is police officers,” Casaday told KTBC.

He added that while anti-police rhetoric has risen in recent years, community support for police officers has increased in kind.

“I think it's becoming more common now. We see more people that act like that towards us, but we're also seeing, on the other side, it's very unlikely for me to walk into a restaurant in Austin and not have someone pay for my food,” Casaday told KTBC. 

Fox News reports that in addition to firing the employee, Hatley donated money to a police fund in an effort to show solidarity.

“Obviously we're deeply appalled by the incident and that employee has been let go. We've also already donated a combined $1,000 to a police memorial fund,” he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News, KTBC, Blue Lives Matter / Photo credit: KTBC, Jenni Lee via Twitter

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