NYPD Cop Encouraged Niece To Use 'N-Word' (Video)

NYPD Cop Encouraged Niece To Use 'N-Word' (Video) Promo Image

NYPD Officer Delinda Giraldo has reportedly been suspended because she encouraged her 2-year-old niece to use the N-word in an Instagram video (below).

Police sources told the New York Daily News that in addition to the suspension without pay, Giraldo will have to undergo drug testing.

Giraldo told the newspaper that an ex-boyfriend, Officer Michael Martinez, used the video and other videos to stop her from reporting the physical abuse he inflicted on her.

According to Giraldo’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, the videos in question go back at least a decade, which was before Giraldo joined the NYPD. She cannot be punished for her actions before she was hired.

Giraldo allegedly filmed herself twice at her sister's house encouraging her niece to say the N-word.

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Giraldo, an Air Force veteran, stated in one video with the toddler: "She said n******? Say it again. Say it again."

In a video filmed in a car, Giraldo stated: "If somebody thinks or feels as though that I shouldn't be using the word n******, but for real, Monica, it’s not that serious."

Giraldo, who immigrated from Colombia, reportedly used a derogatory term for Hispanics in the video: "If you from the 'hood, you should know that that s*** is not derogatory."

Giraldo continued her expletive-filled rant in the video, explaining why she thought it was acceptable to use those terms:

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We’re f****ing minorities and we all get treated the same. I get racial s*** blurted at me too. We live in the ’hood together. I can understand how you can feel it’s derogatory. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can have yours. I’ll have mine.

The NYPD Patrol Guide says using racist and offensive words is "prohibited conduct" for police on-duty and off-duty.

In other videos, Giraldo allegedly used the N-word and appeared to watch a friend smoke some marijuana with an electronic cigarette, reports New York Daily News.

Sanders recently filed a notice of claim that says Giraldo is going to sue NYPD for $100 million.

Giraldo asserts in the notice of claim that male officers made unwanted advances towards her, she received undesirable assignments and poor evaluations, all during the time that she was allegedly being abused by Martinez.

"She’s not denying she's a part of those videos," Sanders said. "The bottom line is, 'Who cares?'"

According to Sanders, the videos were stolen from Giraldo and posted on social media.

Unidentified sources told New York Daily News that the videos were posted on Instagram in 2014.

At the time, Giraldo was already placed on modified duty because she and Martinez are in a custody dispute. Martinez has reportedly asserted that Giraldo falsely accused him of violence.

Giraldo and Martinez filed assault complaints against each other in October 2016. The complaint against Giraldo was dismissed, while the complaint against Martinez is pending.

Martinez’s lawyer, James Carcano, said Martinez did nothing wrong.

Sources: New York Daily News (2) / Photo credit: Krokodyl/Wikimedia Commons, Tony Hisgett/Flickr (2)

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