Cop Buys New Boots For Homeless Man After Bus Driver Calls Police On Him (Video)


Police Officer Kenya Joyner was called to remove a homeless man from a bus in Lindenwold, New Jersey, on Nov. 7  because the man was not wearing shoes. After Joyner bought the man a new pair of boots, the officer was thanked on video (below) by Kayla Christine Palmer.

“I just felt like the gentlemen simply was on hard times, he wanted to ride on the bus but he couldn’t afford shoes, there was no need for me to arrest him for that,” Joyner told CBS Philadelphia.

Joyner, who works for the Delaware River Port Authority, said that he had to take the homeless man off the NJ Transit bus for not wearing shoes, as it's not permitted to ride the bus barefoot. Joyner then asked the man his shoe size, asked him if he wore boots or sneakers, walked across the street, bought the boots and gave them to the man.

Palmer heard about what Joyner did from her father, walked up to the officer, shook his hand and told him the video would go viral.

"Oh come on," Joyner smiled with disbelief, but that's exactly what happened.

"I need to film this because you see all these negative stories about police in the news these days, Palmer told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "You don't really see anything positive."

"I could tell he was really humble," Palmer added. "He didn't want any recognition for it."

"His act of compassion sets an example for all of us," John Hanson, head of the Delaware River Port Authority, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sources: The Philadelphia Inquirer, CBS Philadelphia, Kayla Christine Palmer/Facebook / Photo credit: Kayla Christine Palmer/Facebook screenshot

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