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Construction Workers Create 'Get Well Soon' Message For 2-Year-Old With Leukemia

A 2-year-old Missouri leukemia patient at St. Louis Children’s Hospital received a special get well message from two construction workers at a building next door.

“Get Well Soon,” construction workers Travis Barnes and Greg Combs wrote for patient Vivian Keith on a construction beam.

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Photo Credit: St. Louis Children's Hospital via Today

"We've always watched the construction, from day one since we've been there," Vivian’s mother, Ginger, told Today. "Vivian likes to hang out in the window and play with her figurines. She likes to wave and we watch the crane. And sometimes we get a wave back."

The well wishes were written in late July for Vivian and are visible from her hospital room.

Barnes and Combs made sure that Vivian saw what they had written by getting her and her mother’s attention from the building.

"They were waving like crazy at us and pointing at the beam and it had 'get well soon' written on it," Ginger said.

"It was so sweet," Ginger added. "It's hard for [Vivian] to grasp the extent of it, but we know. And I know she's not the only one they were waving at — a lot of kids play in the window. It just means so much. That they're taking the time, that they're doing this for the kids."

Barnes and Combs told Today they did it just because they wanted to cheer Vivian up.

"We're the two guys up on the building that the crane brings beams to, so we're pretty close to her window," Combs said. "She was waving at us and we were waving back and forth, and this went on for a day or two. One day, I just radioed down to one of the guys on the ground and said, 'Hey, write 'get well soon' on this next beam.'"

Ginger told ABC News she thinks what Combs and Barnes did is “amazing and the coolest thing ever.”

"I took a bunch of pictures of it and sent them a box of pastries,” Ginger added.

In late August, Barnes and Combs met Ginger and Vivian.

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Photo Credit: Today

"They just said they did it because they'd stop, realize where they are, and see all the kids waving," Ginger said. "I guess Greg really took an interest in Vivian.

"He said he saw this little girl in the window and when she wasn't there, he missed her and I thought that was just the sweetest thing."

Vivian was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in February. It is the most common form of leukemia, which affects the cells that normally fight infection.

Sources: ABC News, Today / Photo Source: Today


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