Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Crashes Google Event (Video)


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his film crew recently crashed what he referred to as an "invitation-only" event at a Google building in Austin, Texas (video below).

Several Google employees tried to get away from Jones, who repeatedly accused the tech giant of spying on people via secretly-installed software on computers, notes Jones' website

When Jones headed over to a buffet table to check out the free food for invited guests, an unidentified woman politely asked him to leave. Jones accused her of touching him, which he said was "assault."

After telling the woman to call the police, Jones claimed he was being "polite" and "nice."

Jones then exited the building, and talked to a new "addition" to the team who told him there was a sign inside the Google building that stated everyone inside may be recorded by Google.

Jones re-entered the Google building (private property) without permission to continue his rant and film the notice on a wall.

The Guardian reported in June that Google’s Chrome browser does include an audio code that can listen to users, which is installed by default with the browser, but there is a legitimate purpose for the software.

Google explained on June 17: "First and foremost, while we do download the hotword module on startup, we *do not* activate it unless you opt in to hotwording. If you go into 'chrome://settings', you will see a checkbox 'Enable 'Ok Google' to start a voice search'. This should be unchecked by default, and if you do not check it, the hotword module will not be started."

Sources:, The Guardian, / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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