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Connecticut Police Officer Photographed Fixing Child's Bike (Photo)

A Bridgeport, Connecticut, police officer is being praised for something he was spotted doing while on the job, unaware anybody was watching.

Officer Cody Remy was patrolling a residential neighborhood on April 18 when he noticed a child with a broken bicycle, WFSB reported. He pulled his police cruiser over and got out to help.

Remy was photographed by a resident of the neighborhood as he knelt down and worked on the child’s bike.

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“Officer Remy’s act of helping out a child in need in our community is a great example,” Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said in a statement, according to WFSB. “He doesn’t think he did anything extraordinary. But I disagree.

"The picture speaks for itself. And, I’ll leave it up to others in our community and beyond to decide for themselves."

He added that the Bridgeport Police Department overall is doing “great work.”

According to a study by WPRI, crime is “trending at historic lows in [Connecticut]’s largest city.”

Sources: WFSBThe Blaze / Photo Credit: WFSB

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