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Con Artists Use New Scam To Make Money From iPhone Users

There’s a clever new way to beat the iScam – something con artists have used to make extra cash.

Apple users are under threat of the new iPhone scam. The scam occurs when users get a warning message regarding a crash report while using Safari.

“Warning iOS Crash Report – Due to a third party application in your phone, iOS crashed,” the message reads. “Contact support for an immediate fix.”

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Users are then asked to call a certain number where they can give their credit card information and make a payment to solve the issue. When the phone is answered, the person on the other end notes that the problem can only be fixed with an $80 charge.

Luckily, iPhone users have figured out a way around the scam.

Some users have reported placing their phones in “airplane” mode, which turns off all connections and clears a person’s website history. Then, when Safari is reopened, the problem is fixed.

Others have noted that the problem can be prevented simply by disabling pop-up advertisements on a device. Some have suggested that the scam is actually caused by advertisements infected with malicious code.

On Wednesday, an Apple spokesperson noted that iOS users can turn off certain features in Safari to prevent the scam from occurring on their devices. The spokesperson cautioned users from using public Wi-Fi hotspots, downloading apps from non-official websites and noted that photos taken from phones have embedded location information.

Sources: DailyMail, Mirror

Photo Credit: I Fix It


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