Border Patrol Agent Posts Halloween Sign Saying Non-American Families Won't Receive Candy


A sign that a Border Patrol agent posted at his home on Halloween upset residents of Presidio, Texas. The sign, which is written in Spanish, reads: “Only American families will receive candy.”

Presidio, a city of more than 4,000 people near the Mexican border, is nearly 94 percent Latino or Hispanic, according to City Data.

One person who saw the sign told NewsWest 9 that it implied children should speak English in order to prove they are U.S. citizens. Another viewer, however, said the border patrol agent had the right to display the sign, since it was on his property.

Border Patrol said they regretted that one of their agents posted the sign and apologized.

“I don't think there's anything that needs to be done," Presidio Mayor John Ferguson said, according to NewsWest 9. "It was just so unusual and it doesn't represent the people of presidio at all. I think this person probably wishes he or she probably hadn't done it."

It is unclear if the agent will face disciplinary actions.

Sources: City Data, NewsWest 9 / Photo Credit: NewsWest 9


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