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Community College Patrol Officer Calls Charleston Shooting A 'Set Up'

A patrol officer at a community college in Arkansas is under investigation after making a Facebook post calling the Charleston shooting a “set up.”

According to the Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Northwest Arkansas Community College, the school is investigating whether officer Randy Hillyard’s Facebook post violated any school policies, KFSM reported.

Hillyard had a very strong opinion about the June 18 shooting of nine people at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, by 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof.

Hillyard wrote:

“no way this wasn’t a set up…way to (sic) convenient..a white kid walks into a historically significant black church and kills several people with a (sic) evil of those people happens to be a black state senator. This has gun grab and much else written all over it. And tell me how they released the suspects precise age before they knew who the suspect was.”

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NWACC said the patrol officer’s comments do no reflect the views of the school and are currently investigating to determine if Hillyard violated any school policies with his social media post.

Sources: KFSM, Facebook

Photo Credit: KFSM


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