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Community Celebrates Boy Scout Leader

Phil Hagerich has lived by the Boy Scout law for almost his entire life. The 75-year-old from Prince George, Virginia, is not only a Boy Scout volunteer who has helped hundreds of young men achieve their Eagle Scout rankings, he is a retired U.S. Army Master Staff Sergeant, WTVR reported.

Hagerich recently received a letter from attorney Steve Armstrong, who was in his Boy Scout troop 30 years ago. “I just sent him a note to let him know that there are still boys out there that remember what he did for us,” Armstrong said. “The fact that he is still involved speaks volumes to his dedication. He was always there for the scout. He was always there for the troop.”

Hagerich was moved to tears by the letter. “You try to help these kids and when you get something like this they appreciate it,” he said.

Armstrong isn’t the only community member who values Hagerich’s contributions. “He has a good heart and he is trying to help the community and all,” 12-year-old Boy Scout Jacob Lively said.

Boy Scout Council Member Roy Page agreed. “I don’t know if he has ever turned anyone down,” he said.“Everywhere you go, you see Phil.”

Hagerich shows no signs of slowing down. “I help anybody,” he said. “I try to do the best I can. Give your best.”

Sources: Boy Scouts of America, WTVR / Photo credit: Screenshot via WTVR


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