Commenters Blast Kim Kardashian's Easter Pics (Photos)


Kim Kardashian shared family photos on Easter with some 100 million followers on social media.

In one picture, she and her rapper husband, Kanye West, posed with their children, North and Saint. Dressed sexily as usual, Kim sported a slinky, form-fitting nude-colored dress. And Kanye looked cool as ever in his black denim jacket, black trousers, and brown suede Chelsea boots.

As for the kids, 3-year-old North was dressed in a white Easter dress, and 1-year-old Saint was attired in a white dress-shirt and shorts.

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However, among the 100 million followers were some critics, as reported by the Daily Mail website.

Speaking of Kim, one eagle-eyed viewer commented: "I think she is pregnant. She positioned her kids to stand in front of her stomach, her hips look wider than usual and her face a little more full."

Others expressed concern for the children.

"So, you know this would be the best photo they could get, right?" asked one commenter, presumably sarcastically. "They could have taken photos all day to get a good one... this wasn't a candid snap by some passerby. So, why do the kids look so traumatized? Was the best photo they could get the one in which the kids look the best they could? Why are their kids so frightened?"

Another chimed in: "The kids always look miserable when with their parents."

There were also those who suspected that Kim was not wearing a bra, which is allegedly a breach of Easter fashion etiquette, even for Kim.

On Snapchat, Kourtney Kardashian also posted an Easter shot, featuring herself with sister Kim, wife of John Legend Chrissy Tiegan, and stylist Jen Atkin. In the picture, the foursome are seen at a petting zoo, with Kim holding a goat, Kourtney holding a bunny, and Chrissy holding another furry animal of indeterminate species.

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One English social media user approved of Kourtney's appearance in the snap, but had harsh words for the other three. "Kourtney is a good mum and even dresses appropriate for a kids party," she wrote, "but the other two h0es KimKong and the alien faced one are all about me me me look at me, they don't give a f... that is a kids party."

In addition to the petting zoo, they also participated in the classic Easter tradition of egg hunting. At one point, Kanye and Legend got dressed up in bunny suits to entertain the children -- a moment that was also captured in photographs destined for social media.

Only three days prior to Easter, Kim grabbed headlines with her Throwback Thursday Instagram post which revisited her 2015 sponsored post about Diclegis, a morning sickness pill, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

The original post had gotten her into hot water with the FDA because she failed to issue the proper legal disclaimer about the drug in question. So in her throwback post, she displayed some wit by including the appropriate legalese in its entirety, resulting in an absurdly long Instagram post, which some observers found comical and others found offensive.

Sources: Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan / Photo credit: Pixabay, Kim Kardashian/Instagram via Daily Mail, Snapchat via Daily Mail

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