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Colorado Rockies Fan Celebrates Catching Home Run With Dance (Video)

A Colorado Rockies fan broke into a dance after catching a home run ball hit by Carlos Gonzalez against the Texas Rangers on July 22 (video below).

Uproxx notes the young woman who caught the ball, appears to be doing the "running man" with her friends.

The home run was not enough to win it for the Rockies.

The Rangers' Elvis Andrus hit a two-run single during the ninth inning to lift his team to a 10-8 victory, notes The Associated Press.

“What happens early in the game keeps hurting us,” Gonzalez stated after the game. “Whenever we get going from the beginning, we put the other guys against the wall. Even though we scored eight runs, I believe we missed a lot of opportunities to score more runs and take control of the game.”

Sources: The Washington Post (AP), Uproxx / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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