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Colorado Mother And Disabled Daughter Discover Cruel Note Left On Windshield (Photo)

When Colorado mother Naomi Barringer walked out to her van after shopping at Target with her 10-year-old daughter Kaitlynn, she discovered a cruel note from a stranger.

In the letter, which is neatly typed and printed out, the anonymous writer said that Kaitlynn and her mother were "lazy" and "idiots" and claims that their license plate number was given to the local police, according to the New York Daily News. The stranger went to to say that the handicapped parking spots should be reserved for those who are "truly handicapped."

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Little did the author know, Kaitlynn has suffered from a rare condition called hypophosphatasia since birth. The condition causes her bones to be soft and brittle and walking or even simply extending her arms or legs could potentially cause a fracture.

Kaitlynn was shocked and upset by the note.

"I really didn't know people thought of me like that," she told KUSA. "I am disabled and they may not know that, and I can understand that because I do look normal." 

When Kaitlynn was born, she suffered more than a dozen fractures. Since then, she has had 17 more broken bones.

In addition to that condition, she also suffers from a neurological condition that causes white matter in the brain to degenerate.

Her mother's van has a disability tag prominently displayed, hanging from the rear view mirror. 

In May, Kaitlynn had plates and screws put in her left femur. She was wheelchair-bound for more than a month following the procedure and needed physical therapy.

She wanted to send a message to the author of the letter.

"Just because someone doesn't look disabled, doesn't mean that they are not," Kaitlynn said.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News

Photo Credit: Daily Mail, via NY Daily News


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