Colorado Mayor’s Wife Opens Marijuana Shop Next To Her Strip Club


The Smokin' Gun Apothecary, a marijuana store, is opening near a strip club, Shotgun Willie’s, in Glendale, Colorado. Both establishments are owned by Deborah Donavon, the wife of Glendale Mayor Mike Donavon.

In a cross promotion, Deborah is planning to sell mugs at her marijuana store, which customers can get free beer with at her strip club.

Mike broke a 3-3 tie in 2015 when the Glendale City Council was voting to approve the Smokin' Gun's building plan.

“This is a clear conflict of interest,” Luis Toro, head of Colorado Ethics Watch, told The Associated Press.

A complaint has been filed with the Glendale City Council, but Mike says the complaint is frivolous and noted that he wasn't married to Deborah at the time of the vote.

However, Toro countered: Mike was living with Deborah at the time of the vote.

“They were rookie council-people who just happened to say, ‘I don’t like marijuana,'” Mike stated. “I said, ‘You don’t get to not like marijuana. It’s a legal business.’"

When another vote was held by the city council, two members switched over and voted for the Smokin' Gun, but it's not clear why.

“The concern isn’t about the shop opening. It’s about [Mike] voting,” Toro added.

“He had no stake or financial interest in the Smokin' Gun, and he was not married to anyone who had a financial interest in the Smokin' Gun,” Glendale City Attorney Jeffrey Springer stated. “The allegation that he somehow shouldn’t have voted is ridiculous.”

According to, Colorado allows local governments to legislate private marijuana clubs, but an establishment cannot sell both alcohol and marijuana under state law.

There are no laws against marijuana in adult businesses, but the combination of the two makes some local folks nervous.

Sources: The Associated Press via CBS Denver, / Photo Credit: Smokin' Gun Apothecary/Facebook

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