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Colleges Post Halloween Costume Checklists So Students Won't Offend

Many colleges are taking steps to ensure that students don't offend anyone with their Halloween costumes.

The State University of New York at Geneseo has created posters that list phone numbers and emails of campus officials whom students can call to see if their Halloween costumes are offensive and culturally insensitive, according to The College Fix.

The poster states: “Halloween Checklist: Is Your Costume Offensive? Check yourself and check your friends."

"Unsure if your costume might be offensive," the poster adds. "Don’t be scared to ask questions."

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Wesleyan University has a similar poster and a checklist that asks students to check to see if their costumes are mocking cultures, religions, ethnicities, or downplaying human suffering and oppression.

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A “Kanye Western” themed party put on by the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on Oct. 6 sparked reports of partygoers wearing blackface.

However, The Huffington Post notes that the fraternity denied the blackface claim and no pictures have surfaced of partygoers in blackface.

The fraternity did say that some partygoers were dressed as miners (possibly with some charcoal on their faces) based on West's song “Gold Digger," reported the Daily Bruin.

Some students were offended that partygoers wore baggy clothes, plump lips and oversized butts as a parody of the Kardashians. reports that a #BlackBruinsMatter movement has started at UCLA over the "Kanye Western" party.

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Photo Credit: State University of New York at Geneseo,


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