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College Student Says He Doesn't Need Consent Class Because 'He Doesn't Look Like A Rapist'

One college student said he didn’t need to attend a “consent class” because he doesn't have to be taught how not to rape.

The claim, made by U.K. man George Lawlor, has since made national headlines, Buzzfeed reports.

“I don’t have to be taught to not be a rapist,” Lawlor, 19, wrote for student-run website The Tab on Oct. 14. “That much comes naturally to me, as I am sure it does to the overwhelming majority of people you and I know.”

Lawlor went on to say that he’ll probably be called a bigot, misogynist and rape apologist, but he stands by his opinion.

Lawlor described the consent class as a waste of time and an insult to his common sense. He asked his peers to “have a little respect” for his intelligence.

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As a result of Lawlor’s post, many have questioned whether or not consent classes should be mandatory for all college students in an effort to combat sexual violence and sexism.

Nessa Dinneen, a young blogger and student at the University of Limerick, wrote that men who oppose consent classes are more concerned with protecting their pride than preventing sexual assault.

“I knew writing my post was important because I needed to highlight that from my experience with men, the majority of them did not know the full meaning of consent,” Denneen told BuzzFeed News. “They don’t have to be convicted rapists to subject women to non-consensual sex.”

Consent classes were introduced at the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford for the first time last year.

Sources: Spiked, BuzzFeed

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