College Student Punished For Writing 'All Lives Matter'

Rohini Sethi, vice president of the University of Houston's student government, was punished on July 29 for writing this Facebook posting: "Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter."

Sethi was sanctioned by the student government with a 50-day suspension, told to attend a diversity workshop and three monthly cultural events, instructed to write a reflection letter and mandated to give a presentation during a student government meeting on September 28, notes KTRK.

Some in the student body wanted Sethi removed from student government, but the process is a long one requiring a vote and an impeachment trial.

Sethi's controversial Facebook posting has since been deleted, but evangelist Franklin Graham lent his support on his Facebook page on August 4:

Free speech is under attack. We’ve all heard about the Black Lives Matter movement which has been associated with numerous demonstrations and calling for violence against police. In Texas, the University of Houston student body vice president posted on Facebook "Forget ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, more like ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬."

The student senate punished her with a 50-day suspension from student government, and said she had to attend a "diversity workshop" and three cultural events per month. On top of that, she has to complete a reflection letter and a public presentation. Wow. Somebody needs to tell this student government association that their vp was right—all lives do matter. Shame on them! God is the Maker and Creator of all life. He didn’t make one group more valuable than other groups or one life more valuable than another. In His eyes, every life matters. And no one should be punished for saying that.

Carla Shedd, assistant professor of Sociology at Columbia University, told USA TODAY in July that #alllivesmatter is "erasing the vulnerability of and dehumanization of black people."

Shedd added that the intention of "all lives matter" may be a "shared humanity," but actually it is not.

Joe Feagin, professor of sociology at Texas A&M University, told the newspaper that white people use "all lives matter" to ignore the Black Lives Matter movement that is "already about liberty and justice for all."

Doug Meyer, a professor at the University of Virginia, added that "all lives matter" is coming from some people who think "talking about race is a form of racism."

Sources: KTRK, USA TODAY, Franklin Graham/Facebook / Photo credit: Brian Reading/Wikimedia Commons

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