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College Professor Cancels Class After Falcons Lose

Tyson Davis, an instructor at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, canceled class for Feb. 6 because of the Atlanta Falcons' loss in the Super Bowl.

According to SB Nation, Davis' email to his class was posted on Twitter on Feb. 5 by one of his students:

We will not have class tomorrow. I am in mourning. I don't want to talk or discuss the Falcons on Wednesday unless someone wants to make the argument that they intentionally threw the game, because there really isn't a better explanation for such a loss. We will resume class on Wednesday. I will see ya'll then.

Some people who were happy that the Falcons lost were supporters of President Donald Trump, whom they likened to the New England Patriots on Twitter, reports The Week.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a screenshot of a Wall Street Journal prediction for the Falcons to win when they were far ahead, adding a cheeky caption: "Where have I seen stats like this before???"

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham retweeted him and added: "Winning when no one thinks you can. Extra sweet."

Ann Coulter tweeted: "There will be reams of post-game analysis, but it came down to this: The Patriots were Trump, the Falcons were anti-Trump."

Another Twitter user wrote: "Congratulations #Patriots. It Sure Felt Like November 8th! #SuperBowl #MAGA."

McClatchy DC posted more Twitter comparisons of Trump to the Patriots:

Have you ever seen a single picture with SO MUCH WINNING? #MAGA

Patriots probability of winning down to 0.3% during one point in second half? Sports analogous to elections recently. #patriots #trump.

Trump blessed Brexit & it won. Then LeBron & the Cavs won. Then he won the election. Now, he blessed the Patriots. It's science. #SuperBowl.

Patriots Hell of a comeback. Tom Brady Patriotism & Freedom Wins!

Sources: SB Nation, The Week, McClatchy DC / Photo Credit: Chrisjnelson/Wikimedia

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