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College Girls Take Selfies At Baseball Game, Controversy Erupts (Video)

Several college girls have been mocked and supported for taking selfies of themselves during a televised baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies on Sept. 30 (video below).

Fox Sports commentators Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly encouraged people to take selfies of themselves for a T-Mobile promotion, but then poked fun at the Arizona State sorority gals for doing so:

Look at the one on the right, do you have to make faces when you take selfies?

Wait, one more now ... I'm checking, did that one come out OK?

That's the best one of the 300 pictures that I've taken of myself today!

Every girl in the picture is locked into her phone. Every single one is dialed in. Welcome to parenting in 2015. They're all just completely transfixed by the technology.

Wait hold on, have to take a selfie with a hot dog, selfie with a churro, selfie just of a selfie.

Here's my first bite of the churro, here's my second bite of the churro.

You know the beauty of baseball is you can sit next to your neighbor and have a conversation. Or you can just completely ignore them. fired back in support of the college girls: "But the conversation is particularly offensive in light of the stereotypes surrounding female sports fans, such as the idea that they're somehow less serious than male fans or that they only pretend to like sports to attract guys."

"...While we'd love to give these dudes the benefit of the doubt, it's nevertheless troubling to see a group of young women mocked on national television by a pair of grown men. There might not be any crying allowed in baseball, but apparently, there sure is a lot of sexism."

However, called it a "horrific sight" and added, "[T]hankfully the announcers mocked them."

For their part, the Diamondbacks tweeted their support: "Yep, we got the experts themselves to take a #selfie on our @Snapchat!"

Sources: Twitter,, / Photo Credit: Fox Sports/YouTube Screenshot


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