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Law Student Responds To Bikini Photo Critics (Photos)

A law student has responded to critics who say she'll never get a job because her bikini pictures on social media are unprofessional.

Clarity Engel, 19, is a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying international affairs and Spanish. She says her dream is to become a humanitarian lawyer, reports Daily Mail.

The college student has shared several photos to her Instagram page showing her posing in bikinis and has received quite a backlash for it.

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"If you're really serious about having a career, you won't post pictures like that," one commenter wrote. 

Other users have called her a "whore," among other insults, reports the Mirror.

"I've always been very proud of my femininity, I feel confident enough to embrace and express myself through my physical appearance, and I do this at times with photos," Engel told student newspaper The Tab. "It began to truly bother me when people would make comparisons between my social media presence and my professionalism and ability to get a job."

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"I pride myself on being intelligent, open-minded, and well-versed in many academic fields, as well as being a constant contributor to my community and nonprofit organizations, and so these comments confused and hurt me," the student added.

Engel says the online abuse demonstrates the vastly different societal expectations for men and women. 

"As I began to further look into this controversial topic, I found that men mostly, were the ones making the degrading comments to women, even though they faced no backlash when posting pictures of themselves in Speedos or, in many male celebrities cases, nude for magazines," she explained. "I felt a duty to my fellow women to speak out against this issue and common double-standard."

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Engel says she tries not to worry about the critics, because at the end of the day, she knows that her Instagram photos "are not an indicator of my intelligence nor of my professionalism."

Sources: Daily MailMirror / Photo credit: Clarity Engel/Instagram

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