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College Faculty: Punish Prof Who Defied Anti-White Day

More than 50 professors at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, called on the school to investigate and punish Bret Weinstein, a white biology professor who refused to leave the campus on its "Day of Absence," which is when white people are supposed to be absent.

The professors signed a statement (now removed from Google Drive) on June 2 that said they were "angry and frustrated and concerned" at the backlash against the school and the students, and wanted Weinstein held accountable, noted The College Fix:

Demonstrate accountability by pursuing a disciplinary investigation against Bret Weinstein according to guidelines in the Social Contract and Faculty Handbook. Weinstein has endangered faculty, staff, and students, making them targets of white supremacist backlash by promulgating misinformation in public emails, on national television, in news outlets, and on social media.

A video of Weinstein being cornered and protested against by students, who accused him of being racist on May 23, went viral. In the same video, there were clips of students cursing at white faculty and administration members, and making anti-white statements, reported The College Fix.

Weinstein told Tucker Carlson on Fox News on May 26 that the school had essentially been taken over by the protesting students, and that the campus police had been told to stand down by the college president George Bridges.

Weinstein told The Olympian on June 13 that he has had to relocate his family for their safety because of the college controversy:

If college administrators say I was on campus last week, they are lying. I left campus when it was evacuated on the morning of June 1. I held my afternoon class in a downtown park that day, and left the state with my family that evening. We have not been in Washington since, and some administrators know that.

College spokesman Zach Powers told the newspaper on the same day that Weinstein returned to the campus: "I understand faculty member Bret Weinstein returned to campus just over a week ago to teach in his normally assigned classroom. He has been notified by Evergreen Police Services of additional law enforcement present on campus."

Weinstein told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on June 12: "The college has never acknowledged the danger that they put us in, and therefore I have no way of knowing whether it’s safe for me return. Their assurances that it is safe don’t mean anything, not that they’ve offered them," reports The Olympian.

Evergreen faculty member Sarah Eltantawi told The Olympian editorial board on June 7 that some faculty members were teaching off-campus because of backlash against the school and safety concerns.

"Our colleagues of color are now getting death threats on a regular basis," faculty member Elizabeth Williamson added. "We are in a geographical region where there’s a lot of white supremacy. There are groups that are eager for this kind of controversy to activate things they want to do."

According to The College Fix, Williamson and another faculty member, Julie Russo, circulated the statement calling for Weinstein to be investigated.

Sources: The College Fix (2), The Olympian (2), Fox News via YouTube / Photo credit: Farwestern/Wikimedia Commons

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