College Player's Full-Court Pass Hits Rim, Teammate Rebounds At Last Second To Tie Game (Video)

The College at Brockport was trailing 63-65 to Oswego State with only 1.7 seconds left but was able to tie the game with an amazing last-second score on Jan. 12 (video below).

Brockport sophomore David Clark made a full-court inbounds pass that hit the rim and was rebounded by sophomore Hamed Shamseldin, who then made a buzzer-beating jump shot.

"I was just nervous," Clark told Syracuse. "I was just hoping it didn't hit the top of the ceiling when I threw it that high. I didn't feel like anyone was open, so I just threw it at the backboard. I didn't even think it was going to be anywhere near close to the backboard."

"I knew when it hit the rim, all that was going through my mind was, 'Don't go in,'" he added.

If Clark's inbounds pass had gone in the basket, it would not have counted.

The amazing play paid off as Brockport won 77-67 in overtime, but the fun wasn't over yet. Brockport lobbied on Twitter to get the play on ESPN.

The school's athletic department tweeted the video clip on Jan. 13 with the caption: "#SCTop10 worthy play! Full court pass buzzer beater to force OT! #RT to help us get @Brockport_MBB on @SportsCenter."

The play was featured as the number-one highlight during a clip segment on ESPN’s Jan. 13 broadcast, according to the Democrat & Chronicle.

Sources: Democrat & Chronicle, Syracuse, Brockport Athletics/Twitter / Photo Credit: Brockport Athletics/Twitter

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