College Baseball Teams Perform 'Hidden Ball' Trick Perfectly (Video)

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A college baseball game between Rockford Christian and Peru St. Bede in Peoria, Illinois, took an interesting twist last Saturday.

Peru St. Bede pitcher Jarret Olson pretended to throw to second base and his infielders jumped for the non-existent baseball, noted (video below).

A Rockford Christian player on second base fell for the ruse and tried to steal third base, but was tagged out by Olson who had the ball hidden in his glove.

However, Rockford Christian won 2-1.

During a ball game between the East Texas Pump Jacks and Woodland Strykers on Sunday, the Strykers third baseman Rainer Ausmus pretended that he had thrown the ball to a teammate after Pump Jacks player Dilon Argo hit a triple (video below).

However, when Argo stepped off the base Ausmus tagged him out with the ball still in his glove, reports

The Pump Jacks ended up winning 6-1.

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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