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CNN Host Don Lemon Tells Kathy Griffin: 'Nice Rack' (Video)

During CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast on Dec. 31, 2015, co-hosts Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin walked through the crowd in New York City's Times Square wearing heavy coats. Griffin suddenly took hers off and strutted in her bra and panties (video below).

Later in the program, CNN host Don Lemon, who was on a live remote broadcast from New Orleans, exclaimed: “And I have to say, Kathy, I have to say, nice rack. I didn’t know you had all of that going on up there, I applaud you for that."

The New York Daily News reports that Lemon also dove into a hot tub, and was razzed on Twitter for drinking too much.

As expected, Griffin mercilessly teased Cooper, reports

The comedienne asked the CNN host at the beginning of the broadcast, "How far is your sexual relationship with Caitlyn Jenner gone, like is it first base?” and “Would you kiss Caitlyn Jenner open-mouth?”

Sources: CNN via YouTube, New York Daily News, / Photo Credit: CNN Screenshot

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