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CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Defends Violent Radical-Leftist Group, Faces Major Backlash (Video)

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Chris Cuomo was forced to explain his Antifa argument during an interview on CNN. He had previously stated that he believed Antifa was fighting for a “good cause” compared to what the neo-Nazis and white supremacists did.

However, Cuomo’s panelists struck a debate about his remarks. The discussion started when Cuomo brought up the 2017 debate related to President Trump’s comments regarding the attack in Charlottesville.

Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized Trump’s comments in which he had insisted that he accepted the "very fine people on both sides" associated with protests that called for the demolition of the Confederate monuments. However, he added that he still “condemns all types of racism and acts of violence.”

The CNN commentators Rob Astorino and Steve Cortes were in disagreement with Cuomo regarding the President’s statement. In fact, Cortes stressed that Antifa members could be considered modern day "brown shirts," while Cuomo remarked that they should not be compared to Nazis.

"There are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause, that is a good cause, they want social justice, they want whatever they want in that context," Cuomo said. "You can talk about Antifa. I've watched them in streets protesting in different situations, okay?" Cuomo added.

Astorino quickly responded, "Not Antifa," but Cuomo reacted by asking whether the same has ever happened with neo-Nazis, “where they have ever been doing the right thing."

Cortes responded by saying that "Chris, Antifa is not a good cause. Antifa does not have good aims. Antifa wants political power taken through force.”

“That's what Antifa is all about. I mean, they are the inheritors of Nazis and brown shirts," he added.

Cortes accused the CNN anchor of agreeing with everything that Antifa had done, even after the group admitted that it will continue to use violence to push its political agenda. Cuomo mentioned that Antifa was not equivalent to neo-Nazis in the first place.

Cuomo told Cortes "You don't draw a moral equivalency between the neo-Nazis and the people there who fight against them, you don't do that in that context because that's not what we are about."

According to Cuomo, President Trump has been very vocal about Islamic extremists instead of tackling the issues regarding white nationalists and their attacks on mosques and Arab people.

In 2018, Cuomo mentioned that neo-Nazis and white supremacists’ violence against the police was worse than Antifa’s violence, and that the two should not be compared.

Sources: Fox News / Photo Credit: Google

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