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Clip Showing Fish Biting Man's Nipple Goes Viral (Video)

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An underwater camera captured (below) the moment a fish bit a man’s nipple in a lake in Utah.

Wyatt Green, an employee at Boater’s Outlet in Lake Powell, Utah, is seen in the clip enjoying a relaxing day in the lake while fish swim around him. After a few seconds, one fish stops and looks up at Green. The fish suddenly takes a leap and latches itself onto Powell’s nipple, who squirms around as he tries to remove it.

“Make sure to pack some pasties on your next visit,” Boater’s Outlet wrote in its description of the hilarious clip.

The video quickly went viral after it was originally shared, garnering more than 180,000 views. 

“That's a fish that knows what it wants,” one viewer wrote.

“Still better love story than twilight,” another quipped, referring to the teen vampire movie, "Twighlight."

Sources: Mirror, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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