Cleveland TV Weatherman Mocks NBA Referees For Not Calling Fouls (Video)

NewsChannel5 meteorologist Mark Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with NBA refereeing during his forecast on Sunday night.

According to FTVLive.com, the Cleveland weatherman complained about the refs not calling fouls in Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers (video below).

"We have storms, but I want to tell you, what we've learned tonight, new NBA rules. This is no longer a foul," Johnson stated while holding a basketball.

Johnson then had a member of the TV crew walk into frame and hit his hand, causing him to drop the ball.

"That's no longer a foul. We learned that tonight in the Golden State game," Johnson added.

Johnson and news director Jeff Harris later appeared on a video placed on the station's website assuring viewers that he (Johnson) had not been fired because of the basketball remarks.

The NBA did admit that its referees made some mistakes during Game 2 of the NBA Finals, noted USA TODAY.

Sources: FTVLive.com, NewsChannel5, USA TODAY
Image Credit: NewsChannel5 Screenshot


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