Cindy Crawford's Daughter Faces Backlash Over Photo (Photos)

Cindy Crawford's Daughter Faces Backlash Over Photo (Photos) Promo Image

Kaia Gerber, the teenage daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, sparked controversy on social media after posting an image of herself wearing only a bathrobe that exposed her shoulders and most of her chest.

The 15-year-old model uploaded the photo -- captioned "uniform" -- to her Instagram on June 29, where it quickly racked up more than 130,000 likes. But not all of Gerber's followers approved of the suggestive selfie.

"Honey [you're] just 15 is that appropriate?" one user wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

Another remarked: "Too young! Put some clothes on!"

"Beautiful, but I think [she is] too young for this," someone else commented. "Speaking only from the perspective [of] a mom. Surprised your parents are on board with this seductive picture."

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Another seemed to imply that Kaia was objectifying herself.

"Do you prefer that you be seen for what you are or that you are seen as an object?" they asked. "Because it is wrong."

Meanwhile, other users argued that Kaia should be saluted for expressing herself.

"Showing off our bodies is empowering, not degrading," read one supportive comment. "Girls of any age should not be afraid to experience that. Kaia is obviously still a child and is not pretending to be anything else, anyone who could look at this and see something provocative is in the wrong. Spread love not hate!"

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Another slammed Kaia's critics for their "negativity."

"I think everyone who is commenting negative things about this picture should be ashamed and get a life!" they wrote. "You all are NOBODY to say what she should post or how she should dress. And I don't even understand all [these] negative comments for this picture, it's so beautiful and she's so pretty. You [are] all the first to post things against bullying, you [are] all the first to say 'everyone can do what he/she wants' and then you write [these] bad things?!"

Kaia, the only daughter of Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, is no stranger to controversy of this kind.

When she was 5 years old, she appeared in a photo shoot for swimsuit designer Melissa Odabash. One of the images depicted a topless Kaia with her back to the camera, looking over her shoulder. On her lower back was a fake tattoo.

She sparked another controversy at the age of 10, when she posed in a revealing miniskirt for Versace. A month later her mother suspended her modeling career, stating that Kaia was "too young."

Kaia resumed her career three years later when she signed a contract with IMG Models. The following year, when she was 14, she appeared on her first magazine cover, posing alongside her mother for Vogue.

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