Ciara Shamed For Taking Her Infant On Toboggan Ride (Video)

Ciara Shamed For Taking Her Infant On Toboggan Ride (Video) Promo Image

Singing sensation Ciara is being slammed on social media for sledding down the Great Wall of China with her infant daughter (video below).

Specifically, it was the Mutianyu Great Wall of China toboggan, a popular attraction at the world's most famous wall, reports Us Weekly.

According to, the correct spelling of this type of sled is "tobaggan," and is derived from the Canadian French "tabaganne," which originated from the Algonquian Maleseet language word "thapaken."

Ciara, her NFL star husband, Russell Wilson, and their 3-month-old daughter, Sienna, were captured on video as they raced down the wall. On July 24, it was posted to Instagram, with the caption: “I wish I could put into words how fun this was! Going down in the toboggan at the #GreatWallOfChina with my family. DangeRussWilson Unreal!"

However, some followers on both Instagram and Twitter reacted negatively, suggesting that the newborn’s safety was in jeopardy.

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“Has your attention-seeking narcissism as a couple affected your parenting decisions too? This is ridiculous. She's 3 months old,” one person tweeted.

"Isn’t this too dangerous for a newborn?” asked one commenter. "It may be fun but doing this with an infant to your chest is not smart at all.”

Another critic chimed in: "Honestly not trying to shame Ciara, but this was VERY dangerous. What if the thing had malfunctioned? Don't believe people are trying to say she is a dumb parent, but it was a dumb decision, IMO.”

Others, however, thought it was cool.

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“I really wish people would think before they speak. Ci and Russ would never put their children in any kind of danger,” a fan commented. “They are going really slow, they control the speed. And the baby is strapped to her mother, in the carrier….So calm down it's not that deep.” Another user, quoted by the Daily Mail, said: "To those who are 'concerned' about someone else's child, find something else to do."

In January, Billboard reported that Ciara signed with Warner Brothers records.  

"We welcome Ciara to Warner Bros. Records and look forward to the next chapter of her storied music career," said Cameron Strang, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Records, in a statement at the time.

During her 13-year career, Ciara has sold over 23 million albums and 16 million singles, including the hits "Goodies," "Oh," "1, 2 Step," "Get Up," "Love Sex Magic," and "I Bet."

She may enjoy her contract with Warner Brothers more than did Frank Zappa, who won a lawsuit against the record label after a lengthy court battle in the 1970s, and famously wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Warner Brothers Sucks!" In 2016, the T-shirt was sold at auction for $2,880, notes Julien's Live. 

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