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Scientists Weigh In On Mysterious Creature Discovered In Paraguay (Video)

The rotting body of the Chupacabra has reportedly been found in Paraguay, according to superstitious locals.

A video of the floating body (shown below) has gone since viral.

The footage was taken in the town of Carmen del Parana in south Paraguay. The creature has human-like hands and can be seen floating in the river.

Scientists presented their theories on the creature at a press conference on Oct. 21, and they believe the creature is the putrefacted body of a monkey, according to Strange Sounds.

Javier Medina, commander of Carmen del Parana Fire Bridge, agrees with this assessment.

“But in reality no one can say what exactly the creature is as it was found in an advanced state of decomposition,” Medina said, according to

Forensic expert Pablo Lemir noted that the creature was probably an ape, but the decomposition modified the animal’s features.

The Chupacabra is believed to inhabit parts of Latin America and is said to be the size of a bear. In folklore, the creature preys on livestock in Puerto Rico, Chile and Mexico.

Sources:, Strange Sounds

Photo Credit: Strange Sounds 


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